Deep Cleaning Services

Whether it is natural stone or tile and grout, every once in a while a deep, professional cleaning is called for to remove embedded, dulling soils...

Remedy’s deep cleaning methods can extract embedded soil that can't be removed with a mop and bucket. Whether it is natural stone like marble, limestone or travertine, or tile and grout, every once in a while a deep, professional cleaning is called for to bring out their beauty.

Stone Floor Cleaning

Our high-tech scrubbing equipment and professional products can do wonders for cleaning your floors. After we evaluate whether a deep cleaning is the answer to bringing back the luster of your floors, we will match the stone to the correct cleaning product and process.


Bathrooms have their unique problems. Because of the moisture that is innate to the bathroom environment, they are havens for mold and mildew.  Where there is standing water, there will eventually be some sort of growth that needs to be addressed. Soap scum and mineral deposits from your water also leave streaks and build-ups, creating unsightly walls, shower floors and sometimes stone-top vanities. The elbow grease required makes bathroom stone and tile cleaning a daunting chore, which is why many of us put if off, causing build-up that becomes harder and harder to remove. A regularly scheduled deep cleaning from Remedy will make your bathroom surfaces sparkle. And doesn't that sound better than doing it yourself? Combined with our sealing services, and appropriate care information we can help make your day-to-day cleaning easier and more effective, too.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout floors and surfaces do get dirty over time, especially the grout lines. Grout is extremely porous and, like a sponge, absorbs everything. That includes dirt, grime and bacteria. Everyone really needs to have their tile and grout professionally deep cleaned periodically. It will leave your tile and grout looking brand-new and smelling fresher. Not only that, but you'll feel better knowing your home or business is a bit healthier and more sanitary. After we clean and sanitize, we will seal or color sealthe grout, depending on the look you want to achieve. This will protect the grout from absorbing impurities, making it so much easier to clean.


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