Floors, countertops and more

With our cleaning, repair and restoration expertise, your natural stone and tile never looked better.

We are floor and surface care experts, in the business of making them look sensational. When you are looking for a dramatic difference, it's time to call Remedy.



We resolve problems on your natural stone, tile & grout surfaces. From restoring the shine to a dull marble floor to removing lippage that is making your floors uneven,  deep cleaning and sealing your tile & grout, or color enhancing your travertine,  you can trust Remedy to deliver results.


  • Marble
    We restore the "Wow!" to your marble floors and surfaces. Our marble restoration services include cleaning, polishing, refinishing, repair, and protection...
  • Granite
    Granite is one of the hardest materials on Earth, but that doesn't mean it is impervious to damage. No worries, we can fix just about any problem...
  • Travertine
    There is nothing quite like the untamed charm and sophistication of travertine. Trust yours in the hands of the travertine restoration experts....
  • Tile & Grout
    No need to worry about dirty grout anymore! Our deep cleaning and sealing will have your floors looking clean and staying clean....
  • Slate
    Let us help you reveal the rich colors of your slate. This unique stone surface can make a dramatic statement when it is clean and treated...
  • Terrazzo
    The resurgence of the popularity of terrazzo is not without good reason. This flooring surface is not just stylish, it's practical and easy to maintain...

Your Natural Stone Floors... Beautiful Again

The great thing about natural stone is that if it has become damaged, there is no need to replace it. We can restore your marble, travertine, limestone, granite, terrazzo and all other natural stone floors to like new, then seal them —if it's appropriate —to protect from staining.

Want to change the finish? We can alter the finish from a high polish to a softer, more subtle satin patina or take a matte finish floor and bring it to a high polish.

Countertops and Furniture Tops, Too

Countertops that have become dull, scratched or chipped can also be restored to like new. TIP Granite countertops should always be properly sealed to prevent staining. Give us a call to schedule periodic cleaning and sealing or if you are in need of countertop repair and restoration services.

Dirty Tile & Grout?

We can deep clean your tile and grout, then seal the grout lines to keep them looking great and make follow up cleaning so much easier. Be sure to learn more about our grout color sealing services. It is a very popular service... for good reason.

Bathrooms are a Specialty of Ours

Cleaning and restoring the stone and tile in bathrooms is one of our most frequently requested services. If the stone and tile in your your bathroom needs some sprucing up, one call to Remedy and your bathrooms will see a dramatic difference. We can polish your marble floors, clean and seal your showers and polish your vanity tops.  Tile and grout floors? We can deep clean then seal the grout lines, so your floors look like a new installation. (We can even change the grout color with our Color Sealing service.)

Call us today for your natural stone, tile and grout floor and surface care throughout your home or business. We'd love to show you what we can do. 386-216-5073