Terrazzo repair, polishing, restoration | DeLand FL

Terrazzo cleaned, polished and repaired as good as new!

Terrazzo floors have a contemporary, throwback look of the 1950s that has recently started trending again. Its beauty is like a unique work of art, yet very durable and easy to maintain. Terrazzo comes in a countless variety of designs, color and aggregate options that can match with contemporary and classic styles.

But despite its durability, terrazzo floors can become dull or damaged. That's where the experts at Remedy Surface Care come in. We use special machinery to carefully hone away any damage along the surface and polish it to a matte or mirror-like finish. We can repair most chips and cracks. We can also apply a professional-grade sealer to discourage stains from penetrating the surface and to keep its beautiful shine and color.

With the right care, your terrazzo floor should last for generations.

For a FREE estimate on terrazzo or natural stone services, such as chip and crack repair, restoration, honing, polishing, cleaning, sealing, and more throughout the Orlando and Daytona area, contact us online or call 386-216-5073 today! We are a certified Stone and Tile PROS Partner.