Marble repair, polishing, restoration

About Marble

Marble has been known for its classic beauty and versatility for centuries. Today, marble continues to add character to both residential and commercial properties like restaurants, hotels and museums.

Bring Life Back to Your Marble!

If your marble is damaged—or has simply lost its luster—the stone restoration experts at Remedy Surface Care can help. We have the expertise to repair any chips or cracks and carefully hone away scratches, stains and etches and polish your new surface to a low sheen or glossy finish. We can also apply a professional-grade sealer to help protect your marble from any future damage or stains.

Caring for Your Marble

Compared to other natural stones like granite, marble is relatively soft and scratches easily. It's important to immediately wipe away any spills because acidic foods and beverages like tomato sauce or fruit juices can cause etching and damage the surface. Many cleaning solutions are also too acidic for marble, so make sure to use one that is especially formulated for natural stone.

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